iamdew is a poet and print designer who is commited to promoting creativity, intellect, and express individuality. A gifted griot with a talented pen-hand, iamdew continues to bring sentiment to soothe a chaotic soul.

Come sit under my poet tree

iamdew releases her fourth collection of poetry this month. This collection is a walk of emotional growth, self awareness, and redemptive prowess. Solitude will be available in print and digital formats midnight on June 3, 2011.

Creativity is big business

With a publishing firm, design business, small press, a line of t-shirts, planners, greeting cards and notebooks all soon to be released, iamdew is committed to the necessity of a creative lifestyle that promotes intellect and individuality.

Latest headlines:

2015 will finally see the release of my new line of idea brands. I hope you will join me in supporting this new offering to those invested in the pen & paper culture.

05.16 2015

Midtown Spring Arts Festival

Come celebrate the official release The PPC Company's Idea Brands. Planners, Notebooks, Occasional Cards. Support all the independent artists that will be showcasing their work. Enjoy good food and solid expression.

Midtown Block Party & Craft Market

May 16, 2015 Wesley Ave 3 - 8 p.m.

07.01 2015

The PPC Company | Shift Gears

Available soon! Shift Gears comes to the Midtown Festival Spring 2015. Get yours first!

06.03 2015

Draft | Official Release June 03

New Release

Draft Freethinkers & WildPads Finally a set that focuses on the paper so you can focus on the expression. Draft freethinkers are bound jounrals with unruled 28 lb premium smooth paper. WildPads are strapped pads that lets you focus on the pen, not holding down the paper.