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The Journey

iamdew has been writing since age 7. Showing talent in the art form of merging words to create sentiment, she has used her gift to produce four books, all collections of poetry.

iamdew has an urban aesthetic within her writing that calls to an audience that normally would shy away from the art form. She is regarded by peers and appreciated by her readers. She has won several awards and accolades for her poetry, short stories and spoken word, including first place in the Women 4 Unity's poetry slam.

Beyond writing iamdew has always had a penchant for business. Embracing the entreprenerial spirit by selling crybabies in the 3rd grade, iamdew understood early on where there is a demand, there must be a supply. Having since left the candy business, iamdew moved on to helping other creatives present their art to the world.

In 2003, iamdew founded MultiMedea Incorporated with the express purpose of serving the creative community through publishing, apparel, and innovative patent-pending methods.

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Not For Profit, For Principle

MultiMedea, Inc has one goal; to stimulate thought process while serving a creative, intellectual lifestyle.

Medea Publishing

Medea Publishing is a printing and publishing solution that caters to self-published authors, poets, and hobbyists. MP helps any novice bring their work to the page.

Scorn'd Apparel

Scorn'd is a grass roots apparel line committed to going against the grain. The ideas are bold, creative, simple, and meant to appeal to only the sharpest and wittiest.

The PPC Company

The Pen & Paper Culture Company offers idea brands to the creative, professional, and casual community looking for a retro expression experience in the digital age.