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MultiMedea, Inc

MultiMedea Incorporated focuses on creative, intellectual expression through a classic medium. We look to fuel the creative lifestyle with thought, commentary, and creative passion. MultiMedea, Inc is a brand that promotes a creative movement. Our goal is to cultivate the creative culture while stimulating thought process.

Medea Publishing

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Dedicated to the idea that every thought should have its time in the spotlight, Medea Publishing focuses on authors and poets who take the craft of word-art seriously.

Dew by Design Creative Studio

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Dew by Design caters to small businesses by offering economic, quality graphic design and printing. Dew by Design helps you to piece together the fine lines. It's not miscellaneous, it's key.

Scorn'd Apparel

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Scorn'd Apparel appeals is geared towards intellectuals and artists who embody intelligence, wit, and class all the while staying true to the rebellious nature of Hip-Hop and Rock & Roll. With a cutting edge, visual appeal, and acerbic wit, Scorn'd Apparel aims to challenge all those it encounters to expand, learn, or leave.

The PPC Company

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The PPC Company carries a distinct selection of idea goods materials. We currently offer personal catalogs, comprehensive planners, occasional cards, freethinkers, wildpads, professional logbooks, task managers and chirp. We cater to creativists, business-professionals, hobbyists, and enthusiasts through our online channel.